You already work to make our community better every day; extend your legacy even further by becoming a Legacy Builder! When you make a bequest and send written confirmation to our office, you will automatically join a society of people who also want to leave a legacy of hope in the Upstate. At our annual luncheon you can meet other Legacy Builders and hear about the ways your legacy will live on.

When you choose to build your legacy through Homes of Hope, your bequest will be designated to ensure continued new construction of single-family,market quality, energy efficient, affordable housing for families in the Upstate.We strive for big impact in the neighborhoods we develop and are committed to helping our clients find true life change through our programs. Every housing client is enrolled in our financial wellness programs to help bolster their financial stability and create a safe place for their children to grow up.When you help us ensure new construction, you make it possible for families in need to provide a home for their children and for people in need to get back on their feet.

Our Housing Philosophy

  • Affordable homes should beindistinguishable from the market homes nearby.
  • Mixed-income neighborhoods are crucial to our mission.
  • We work with neighborhood associations to help them implement their vision.
  • Adding financial wellness opportunities to our housing helps families build capacity to break cycles of poverty.
  • Whether owners or renters,we are intentional in housing families who are invested in their community.

Get Started Today

Talk to your financial planner to determine the best way to include Homes of Hope in your planned giving.

If you have any questions for us, we would be happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your options.

David Peebles, Resource Development Director

Scott Williams, Chief Financial Officier