Still Desperate in the Promised Land
The Story of Homes of Hope

Late one night in 1998, Tim Revis was awakened by a powerful vision that would change the lives of thousands. He obeyed God’s leading and founded Homes of Hope, with Don Oglesby as Executive Director. But when recession hit the economy, the mission’s $400,000 funding evaporated overnight, forcing Don to find some way to replace it. Rather than lose the ministry, Don and his team saw every financial struggle as an opportunity—a faith adventure to trust God more. What followed was a 23-year journey that would shake the roots of their faith and demonstrate God’s ultimate faithfulness.
Still Desperate in the Promised Land is a powerful account of gut-wrenching faith, high-risk stakes, deep disappointment, profound lessons from God and sublime redemption. Oglesby’s writing is guaranteed to keep you turning page after page.
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