Homes of Hope began in 1998 when we discovered a need for safe, affordable and energy-efficient housing options for those in our community earning a low-to-moderate income. The gap between minimum wage and fair market rent has escalated through the years, and that need has only intensified. We provide market-value rentals at a below-market rate, offering families an opportunity to escape survival mode, catch their breath and make steps towards economic mobility. To date, we’ve constructed 642 homes, and with hundreds more in the works, we continue to help remedy the affordable housing crisis in our state. 

Once an individual, or family, chooses our housing program, we connect them to the resources they need to create lasting change in not only their lives, but in their families and communities for generations to come. For more, see our FAQS below.


What is affordable housing?

Housing is considered affordable if 30% or less of a resident’s monthly income goes towards housing expenses, including utilities.

What is LoCAL housing?

LoCAL stands for long-term, compact, affordable and LEED-standard. We build LoCAL houses specifically for families earning approximately $1,200/month, offering them a home that fits their budget and appreciates in value over time. These are built by men in our Workforce Development program, and funded by community generosity, corporate sponsorships, grants and foundation awards. 

What does a Homes of Hope house look like?

Homes of Hope houses are well crafted and attractive. Our contract partners build with quality and care, making each house indistinguishable from market-rate homes nearby. Housing types include one-to-three bedroom single-family homes, stacked duplexes and townhomes.

What about permanent housing for households at risk for homelessness?

Homes of Hope partners with area agencies that serve those who are at risk for homelessness to help provide permanent housing solutions. Currently, we offer next-step housing opportunities for clients from IHN, Department of Mental Health, Safe Harbor, Anderson Interfaith Ministries, Triune Mercy Center, Jasmine Road, Serenity Place, and Eldersource.

Do I qualify for a Homes of Hope house?

We operate according to income guidelines. An applicant’s total household income needs to be at or below 120% of the area median income. Area median income varies based on county— check out this chart to see the area median income in your county (please note that this chart only goes up to 80% AMI). 

How much is monthly rent?

Homes of Hope rent prices depend on household income, but typically average between $550–$750 per month. On average, our rents are 17.26% lower than the median gross rent in the five counties we serve.

How do I apply?

Applications for Greenville County are closed until September 2022. All other county applicants can apply here anytime. Section 8 vouchers are accepted.