What's New? Maximizing Job Training for Men Overcoming Addictions

There are a lot of changes happening at Homes of Hope and today’s blog is about one we are particularly excited about. Since our beginning, we have welcomed 272 men into a yearlong residential job training and mentoring internship as they seek the opportunity to move past addiction and into sustainable life change. In the process they have been discipled by our Men’s Development Staff, all of whom are leading lives redeemed of drug addiction making them exceedingly qualified to lead further generations of men into the same success. Our interns have received Biblical-based discipleship and been equipped with various basic construction-related job skills and other necessary life skills.

off-to-work-008-editedHOH Interns of years past

In dedication to the goal of seeing our men leave Homes of Hope “fully equipped” to excel in a life of sobriety, spiritually, vocationally, and otherwise, we see the need to maximize the job-training that the men receive while in our program. We see ourselves as stewards of these interns and are committed to introducing them to freedom and life change that is both possible and sustainable. We are excited to now usher our men into an intensified and broadened range of construction training that will better equip them for marketability in the construction industry once they leave us. In short, we are stepping our game up!

This training includes classroom instruction on topics such as electrical, HVAC, framing, and plumbing taught by trade experts and general contractors. In partnership with Miracle Hill Overcomers, a residential Christian rehabiliation program in Greenville, we have recently commenced a series of classroom instruction combining both our interns and Overcomer residents to be held each Friday at the Overcomer Center.

003-2Along with classroom instruction, our men will soon put their skills to work through the construction of our new brand of Leed-Certified housing called LoCAL. This specialized job training will enhance their marketability in the “green economy” giving them an opportunity to enter this innovative market with exclusive skill sets launching them to the forefront of the green building industry.

We are thrilled with the possibilities awaiting our interns as we enter this new season. Those with a passion and expertise for construction, who also have the capacity and interest to instruct our men are welcomed to partner with us in the classroom and at the job-site. Join us in our newest venture!

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008Electrical simulation by HOH Intern, Gary