Under Construction: Affordable Homes for Seniors in West Greenville

“I’m 63 years old and I didn’t think I’d have a place this nice again. I thought I’d have to live in some senior place, so this is real break for me and it has been a blessing.”

– HOH Tenant, Donna Neeley

dnealeyStories like this from our renter, Miss Neeley, make us proud to provide housing that is both quality-made and can be considered “home.” Her excitement also highlights the need for affordable senior housing options in Greenville that are more than just “some senior place.” At Homes of Hope we recognize this need and have recently begun construction on a new housing development designated specifically for senior adults. Bethel Place, our new development, was a specific request by Vardrey Fleming, West Greenville Neighborhood Association President, in surveying the housing needs of that community.

Bethel Place, set for a January 2012 completion, will be composed of 3 duplexes. Each individual unit will be 936 square feet with 2 bedrooms/1 bath. We look forward to the completion of this project which will serve to further revitalize the West Greenville area while also allowing us to welcome new senior renters to the Homes of Hope family!

0213 duplexes set for completion in early 2012
020Bethel Place Under Construction