The Power of Presence: Homes of Hope Housing Client Wins "Father of the Year"


FatherIn honor of Father's Day we want to congratulate our housing client, Samuel, on receiving the "2015 Father of the Year" Award from the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition. He was presented with this honor as a suprise last week after his son wrote an essay about their special relationship.

Samuel and his son came to Homes of Hope after a period of homelessness. We shared their story last year and have been thrilled to see them thrive in their LoCAL home.

Since moving to West Greenville, Samuel has become an active part of the neighborhood as a mentor to young men through a Saturday morning basketball ministry. Jevahn continues to excel in sports and in academics. His winning essay below displays his exemplary writing skills. 

What My Father Means to Me

"My dad, Mr. Samuel Laster, is an outstanding father. He is certainly my hero. When I need him, he is always there. My father shows me right from wrong; he tells me that he will never leave me like my mother did. He shows me how to be a good man; he tells me not to cheat. If my dad was to die, I would be lost because I came a very long way with him.

I remember when I first started living with my dad. He told me that he was going to do his best to be there for me because he does not want me to make the same mistakes that he did. Also, my father has always told me to follow my dreams. When I need a fan, I can count on him to be the biggest one.

In church, he joined the front line and I was with him. As a family, we were baptized in April of 2015. We have all received Jesus Christ as our Savior. My father became a part of the choir at our church. This brought us together because it drew us closer to God. While in church, he has taught me not to quit and to keep faith in God. My father is patient, courageous, kind, loving, understanding, and I can relate to him - something I know that many sons would like to be able to do with their fathers. 

In my opinion, my dad is the best father in the world. Most fathers today are known for their lack of presence in their children's lives. The fact that my father is present makes him different from other fathers. If fathers knew the power of their presence, maybe so many young men would not walk down the wrong road."

- Jevahn Laster, 8th Grade


We are proud to share this family's accomplishment with the community as one example of the caliber of folks we are privileged to serve. True community revitalization depends on the individuals who live in those communities and for that purpose we are committed to housing good neighbors who are striving to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Congrats to Samuel and Jevahn as they continue to walk into God's purpose for them! 

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Congratulations Samuel! I sat next to you at the Homes of Hope Dinner & Auction and I was impressed with you and your relationship with your son then, so this award comes as no surprise to me. You are deserving of this award and I wish you and Jevahn all the best.

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