My prayers to take care of my child have been answered.


 A father and his son


"My prayers to take care of my child have been answered."

My name is Samuel Laster and I have a 13-year-old son named Jevahn. I recently divorced and moved from Oakland California to Greenville in July of 2013. My baby sister was living here but moved after a few months. Her lease was up and I could not afford $600 a month. We couch-hopped and because there are no shelters in the Greenville area that accept men with children we were living in our car.

I wanted to start my life over with God as the foundation of my new beginning and I connected with a great church where I joined the choir. My worship leader referred me to GAIHN - a network of churches that accept homeless families from week to week. While in the GAIHN program I continued to work a temporary job in Easley and I applied for permanent housing with Homes of Hope. Within two days I was called in for an interview. They were so nice and helped me and my son go through the proper channels for a possible home in the Greenville area.

God blesses his faithful and I'm very proud to say that in 3 weeks I moved into a brand new home that was perfect for my budget. It was just 10 minutes from my son's school and our church. Within a month I received a phone call from the City of Greenville for a maintenance position and I have been working there ever since. If it wasn't for caring, loving organizations like Homes of Hope and GAIHN, my son and I would still be searching for peace. Now we have been blessed with a fresh start. My prayers to take care of my child have been answered with multiple helping hands at Homes of Hope.


My mind is clear so now I'm recording a Gospel CD and I plan on buying this beautiful home. Most importantly I want to give back to Homes of Hope and help another family by donating money to the next LoCAL home to be built. Remember, believing and having faith is the substance of all things not seen. God bless everyone that has contributed to my son Jevahn's and my new home.

A grateful father,

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Samuel Laster

LoCAL housing is an innovative housing product that provides energy-efficient homes to families for a targeted monthly rent or mortgage payment of just $300/month. LoCAL homes are built in part by men enrolled in Homes of Hope's job training program for men overcoming addictions, teaching them specialized job skills. Each LoCAL home requires a financial partner of $39,000 for the sticks & bricks. We thank generous sponsor, SAM Group, for their financial partnership in building this LoCAL home. Samuel's new home was also made possible through a collaborative effort between Sisters of Charity and Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (GAIHN). 

Homes of Hope has a waiting list of 100 families in need of homes. You can help provide that hope to the next family through a gift this season.

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Praise God for the difference Homes of Hope in people lives

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