Men Overcoming Addictions Pair with Resurgent Capital Services to Build LoCAL Homes

HoH July 2013-10On August 9th Homes of Hope celebrated our second corporate build with Greenville-based company, Resurgent Capital Services. Resurgent employees have been diligently joining our Men’s Development interns on the job site each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for several weeks to complete two LoCAL homes side by side on Joe Louis Street in West Greenville. The end result are two new homes for poverty-level families in our community.

Homes of Hope’s evolution from mobile home rehabilitation to new home construction to specialized construction of LoCAL Housing has been an exciting process for our ministry over the past year and half. These homes mark LoCAL homes #3 and #4 for our organization, and homes #463 and #464 in total.

LoCAL, which stands for Long-term, Compact, Affordable, and LEED-standard, is our newest brand of affordable and energy-efficient housing that is available specifically for families that fall below Habitat for Humanity income qualifications. These families are those who are otherwise unreached by affordable housing options in our community.

 LoCAL further proves its importance to our community as a rich construction training ground for the interns in our Men's Development Program. Over the course of one year with us, men overcoming addictions will learn and apply the skills necessary to construct these homes, equipping them with job skills and the opportunity to give back to those in need.

Serving others can be a therapy in and of itself. Addiction is a dark and selfish place. An individual consumed by the process of getting and using drugs often leaves relationships, jobs, and responsibilities in his or her wake. For our men to now have the opportunity to build homes for families in need such as a single mother fleeing an abusive relationship, or for an elderly grandmother raising her grandchildren, the experience becomes even more meaningful.

We are thankful to Resurgent Capital Services, as well as our other corporate sponsors who make LoCAL construction a possibility and a joy for our ministry, our men, and for the families we serve!

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