LoCAL Housing: The Vision

Everyone loves a good redemption story.

We love to see the under-dog win supreme and beat the odds. We glory in stories of people banding together for a common good, to root out evil, to achieve the thing that seemed impossible. These are the stories that make headlines and sell out box offices. What if we told you we know the Director who writes the best stories and is free of all hand-cramps and writer’s block? His name is Jesus and at Homes of Hope he’s been writing a blockbuster tale for 14 years. Recently, a new chapter has unfolded and we are glad to give you the sneak peak here.

Imagine a group of misfits, drug addicts, the scourge of society. They’re the ones you don’t want in your neighborhood; they’re the ones you avoid in “those neighborhoods.” Now imagine this motley bunch returning to the same communities where they once hustled, where they scored and used drugs, and where they wandered lost and empty. However, this time they don’t go to take; they go to give. They’ve met the Director and the scene has changed! They’ve returned to give back and they are doing so through the most basic comfort- a home.

houses-with-peopleLoCAL Housing Concepts

It’s a beautiful picture that you will soon see played out throughout the Greenville area as the men in our job training program begin construction of a housing product that will be available to poverty level families. This housing product, LoCAL, is our new brand of LEED-Certified housing that will serve families making as little as $985/month. Homes will be available for rent and for purchase for as low as $225/month, extending home-ownership and asset building opportunities to families not otherwise reached.

LoCAL will lift poverty-level families from sub-standard housing to new hope through safe, quality, and energy-efficient homes that they can be proud of.

When home is stabilized, potential for life success in other arenas becomes possible. And not only that, but the construction of these homes will elevate our men’s construction training from the basics to specialized green-building skills, giving them a marketable edge upon leaving our program. It’s a highly circular vision which God is crafting here at Homes of Hope.

Join us in the next chapter! Hear our President/CEO tell more about LoCAL in our video.

This is the first in a 3-part blog series about our newest idea: LoCAL Housing. Read further in “LoCAL: What is it?” & “LoCAL: The Launch.”