Guest Blog: "It's not just about houses, it's about lives."


Guest Blog by Zaccheus Moss, Men's Development Volunteer

Homes of Hope's mission has a special place for me because growing up poor in Alabama, my family was one that would have needed a LoCAL home. Today I want to play a small part in encouraging, strengthening, and positively reinforcing the mission and values of Homes of Hope by lending my experience.

From the moment that I visited Homes of Hope's website I began to see the mission, vision, and impact that Homes of Hope was making in the lives of the community. Immediately I wanted to learn more.

Zaccheus Moss Volunteer

Volunteer, Zaccheus, leads Bible study for our Men's Development program each Friday

I realized that constructing a house is not my gifted area but helping in the Men's Development Program, participating in relationship building and biblical study, was the perfect place for me.  The beauty of volunteering is that operating in your area of expertise in a united effort allows everyone to have a part to play. The results are awesome.

Coming through the doors of Gideon’s House has been a great opportunity to see the result of each man's determination to get to his present state, free of addiction. I've also seen that their success is, in part, a result of the staff who themselves have faced addiction and are now leading this new generation of men.

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Men's Development interns participate in morning devotions prior to work

I look forward to each opportunity that I have to fellowship the guys. It’s ironic to consider that Jesus' father, a carpenter by trade, indirectly embodied that "it’s not just about houses, it about lives."


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Great job cousin Zach!!!!


How wonderful to see you involved with our good friends at HOH. So glad you made the connection. They are wonderful folks.

Now this is absolutely with out any doubt whatsoever some God stuff!!! Keep doing what you are doing as the Spirit leads.

What a blessing and inspiration you are!

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