God is in the Greeting Card

John NorwoodThe discipleship training that I receive at Homes of Hope has helped to elevate my understanding of and relationship with God to new levels. I have also seen so many blessings and miracles come to pass- not just in my life but in the lives of those around me. God never ceases to amaze me.

It’s interesting, though, how I can grow in the Lord, witness miracles, but still have moments where I forget just how good He is, how well He knows everything about me and my circumstances, how much He intimately cares about me…

It was Tuesday, August the 4th. We were on our lunch break and suddenly I remembered that my mom’s birthday was the following Saturday. I couldn’t buy her a card because I was broke and didn’t even have an envelope to send a letter. I went to our Director and he gladly gave me an envelope and I got a stamp from a brother in the house. I wrote a letter to my mom and in the beginning of the letter I wrote “I wish I could afford to send you a card.” I tried to lighten it up a bit by adding “plus I’m horrible with words too, haha,” but the truth was, I was bummed out that I couldn’t even give her a card for her birthday.

The next day the guys and I headed downtown to have our Wednesday night devotion at Starbucks. We go there every week, and the only thing different that night was that we couldn’t park in our usual spot. So we found another parking place down the street, walked to our gathering spot in front of the Starbucks, and had our devotion time together. Afterwards, as we were heading back to Gideon’s House we were stopped at a red light, waiting to cross through the intersection. We were only at this particular intersection because we had to park on a different street that night.

DSC_1128.JPGAs we were sitting there waiting for the light to change, my friends looked down at the street and saw what looked like some pictures that someone had dropped or just thrown out. Something caught his eye and one of the guys decided to jump out and grab them. It turned out to be a pile of greeting cards scattered about the street, all of them brand new with envelopes and even in cellophane wrappers.

As our buddy got back in the van he explained that the card on the top of the pile is what orginally caught his eye. Pictured on this card was the cross. I could barely hold back the tears on the way home, and when we got there, I was able to send my mom a birthday card.

Some may call it all coincidence, but I no longer believe in those. As soon as I saw the cross on that first card I was reminded just how much God intimately cares about me. And He's not just in the big things, but all the small things too. It is also in these moments that I realize just how quickly I can forget that He is always there and always shows up on time, every time. This time God showed up in a greeting card.

- John, Homes of Hope's Men's Development Intern

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