God is good: Bradley's Story

Bradley struggled for years with drug addiction & hopelessness. Read from his experience how his life has been changed by God at Homes of Hope.

My name is Bradley Johnson and I am an intern at Homes of Hope. As my last few months are quickly approaching, my testimony has become even more amazing. Throughout my life I was a completely selfish person with no compassion for any other human being. This self-absorbed choice of living, eventually led to me losing my will to live, my family, my freedom and my relationship with God. I know that without these losses, I would not have the relationship I have now with our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

When I finally decided to try to turn my life over to God, I started to hear and see how He wanted things done. He started to put people into my life that were only there to help me. People that were living a holy life, people that can provide a Godly counsel and direct me to a life worth pursuing. I started to change the way I talked, I started to have feelings and compassion for other people. I finally was starting to understand that I am put here to help other people and it is not about me anymore.


Brad and Homes of Hope Volunteer, Zaccheus 

Homes of Hope provided an opportunity for me to work under mentors that can teach me about construction and provide biblical applications to almost every aspect of the process. For example, the understanding of the importance of a foundation. Every home we build has to have a solid foundation in order for it to support the walls, roof and whatever is put inside. I know I cannot stand or live my life without the foundation of Jesus Christ in my life. The devotion that I receive every morning only strengthens that foundation.


Learning electrical wiring during LoCAL Housing build

Homes of Hope also provides me with an opportunity to start helping other people. I never could understand why people reached out to help others. I always thought someone was up to something if they were willing to just do something for nothing. Helping others was a completely foreign concept to me, but when I was able to, I felt God working on my heart and He let me feel the joy one gets from becoming humble. Working with volunteers gave me a better understanding of helping others and a chance to share my testimony.

Brad and Jack at CCES 2-2014

Brad shares his story with students at Christ Church Episcopal School

Sharing my testimony is a humbling experience. It gives me a chance to tell others of the mistakes I have made and how with God’s forgiveness and grace, I have been able to start changing my life and start to make better choices. Each time I have shared my testimony, people have told me that it moved them or even inspired them. Even my family has told me they have witnessed a miracle.

The experience I have gained from being an intern for Homes of Hope has helped me get a job with Greenville Mechanical. By doing the right things and making better decisions, God has opened doors for me in ways I cannot even put into words. The first day I was able to pursue employment, I was hired on! When I trust in the Lord, He provides me with the things I need in life.

God is good. 

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