Dedication of Gideon's House - A Home for Men Overcoming Addictions


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Join us as we dedicate Gideon's House, a home where men overcoming addictions find hope for new life through job training and mentoring. 

From the Biblical story of Gideon springs deep symbolism for this home for our men. Gideon, the weakest of his family and Israelite clan, was the underdog candidate declared by God to be the “Mighty Warrior” who would conquer the armies of Midian that had oppressed his people for years. 

The story of Gideon is one of an unlikely call and doubtful victory. The men in our program face a similar challenge. Their pasts render them as questionable victors in our society. As “addicts” how can they possibly accomplish anything meaningful? But just as God called a feeble Gideon, God has called each man that comes to Homes of Hope. Most certainly there are others who the Lord desires to usher into freedom, but they’ve refused to answer the call. We celebrate each man who comes to us as he has made a transformative decision that something must shift in his life. He’s ready to tear down the stronghold of addiction and let God arise in its place. Gideon’s House is the place where this exciting journey takes place!

In the Summer of 2012 we saw the exciting relocation of the men in our program from a mobile home village in Easley to Gideon’s House, a historic home located minutes from Downtown Greenville on Pendleton Street. For the first time in our organization’s history, we have the opportunity to house all of our interns in one central location, as well as have a place that supporters can visit. Not only that, this relocation has achieved thousands of dollars in energy and fuel savings each year!

Gideon's House required a lot of work to become the home it is today. Due to the countless hours and resources of volunteers, funders, and our Men's Development interns, Gideon’s House has become a haven for our men overcoming addictions as they commit a year to our job training and mentoring program. Join us as we celebrate this special home! 

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Fluor employees will be there this afternoon to help you celebrate! We are so proud to be a partner with Homes of Hope and to have the opportunity and honor to work beside the men who currently call Gideon House "Home."

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